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Boomtown App.

Player's Name: Angie
Are you over 16? So far over 16.
Characters Played Here: N/A.

Character: Scott McCall
Series/Canon: Teen Wolf
From When? Post-"The Divine Move."

History: Wiki Link.

Personality: If there is one word that describes Scott McCall, it's dependability. He's always there when someone needs him -- family, friends, random strangers in trouble. He's your typical teenage boy who happens to be a werewolf. Because of the werewolf part, Scott tends to find his fair share of trouble, but he also tries to fix things and save as many people as he can. His mom instilled a great deal of morality into him growing up and he always tries to do the right thing, even if the right thing isn't always the easy thing. He also never gives up on people. Ever. No matter how bleak an outcome appears to be, Scott will stand by someone until the end and fight to save them.

Because of his strength of character, Scott has become what's called a "True Alpha." Most werewolves have to kill another alpha in order to become an alpha themselves, but because Scott's heart is of pure intent, he was able to become one without having to kill for it. Basically what this all means is that he's the leader of his own pack. He feels responsible for taking care of all of them and keeping them safe from any harm.

While he gets along well with most people, his own father isn't one of them. Though the show hasn't stated exactly when his dad left him and his mom, it definitely left an impact on his life. He grew up close to his best friend Stiles' dad, and later bonded with his boss, Alan Deaton, a local veterinarian. When his dad turns back up in Beacon Hills, the normally warm and compassionate Scott McCall puts up wall after wall where his dad is concerned. He slams the door in his face, calls him a gene donor rather than a father, and when he learns the reason his dad left in the first place, he basically tells him he should have dealt with things better at the time and he'll see him at graduation or whenever Rafael decides to next show up out of the blue. He has more anger and hostility toward his dad than toward anyone else.

Scott fears losing the people that he cares about most, in particular his mom and his best friend. But this fear extends to everyone in his pack and includes Lydia Martin, Derek Hale, and Kira Yukimura. His worst fears recently came to pass when Stiles was possessed by something called a nogitsune and he almost died. In that same time frame, and in relation to the possession, his first love, Allison Argent died in Scott's arms. He was unable to get to her in time to save her from being stabbed by a being called an Oni that was being controlled by the nogitsune.

Why do you think your character would work in this setting? Scott definitely wouldn't have come to New Dodge willingly. Not when his best friend is recovering from being possessed by a demonic fox, and not when the entire pack has just lost two of their own. He'll be pretty upset about being somewhere that isn't Beacon Hills, even though in some small way it will be good for him to help him clear his head. Except it probably won't happen.

He'll get along pretty well with people who aren't evil, because overall Scott is a very friendly and approachable kind of guy. But if someone's doing something they shouldn't be doing, he'll likely step up and try to stop them. If someone's in trouble, he'll try to help.

He might have a bit of a hero complex.

What will your character do for work?

He'd make a great securitydog guard.


His backpack with a copy of Heart of Darkness, his house/motorcycle keys, some notebooks and pens, a lacrosse ball, an old asthma inhaler, his phone and a bag of half-eaten Doritos.

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